From a local, family-owned retail operation, to an international food trading company, Export Packers has a long history of manufacturing & trading expertise.

1927– Rubenstein Family’s Small Kosher retail poultry store opened
1937– Incorporated as Export Packers, registered in Ontario, Canada
1940’s– Toronto Poultry & Egg Production Plant acquisition
1955– Toronto Cold Storage Facility acquired and partially converted to house Canada’s first mechanical egg breaking operation
1960’s– Creamery & Egg Grading Operation was acquired
1978– Egg Processing moved to new 80,000 sq ft plant in Winnipeg
1982– Seafood Division was established
– Expack (US) was established
– Eggnition was founded
– Courprie Fenton was founded
1984– International Trade Division was established
– Launch of Family Delight™
1986– STC Laboratories was founded
– Gold Medal for Excellence in Technology Transfer for Lysozyme production
– Manitoba Export Award for agricultural commodities
1987– Juice Trading Section was established
1988 – Far East Trading Section was established
– Launch of Ocean Jewel™
1992– Grains Trading Section was established
1993– Sale of Egg Processing business
1994– Head Quarters relocated to Walker Drive, Brampton
2003– Sales of Couprie Fenton
2005– Sales of Expack Seafood
2007– Sale of Expack Seafood
2008– Frozen Fruits & Vegetables Trading Section was established
– Sale of Domestic Poultry business
2009– Edvac Fresh Seafood Manufacturing Facility opened
2011– Launch of Diamond Harvest™
2016– Odem International acquisition
– Launch of Ocean Dragon™